Top Gun Jet Mission Gold (35min Experience)

  • Top Gun Jet Mission Gold (35min Experience)

  • 7 June 2011 by 0 Comments

This Mission is a Gold Value for the person that wants it all and more !!.
First of all you can experience for yourself the adrenilin rush of departing the airport for a run down the beach at 500ft. after this adrenilin rush we return to the aerobatic zone for our action packed aerobatic sequence.

This ride is full of aerobatic maneuvers such as G Turns, Loops, Rolls, Cuban Eights, Hesitation Rolls, (Bonus )Inverted flight and Vertical Rolls at a height of approx 8000ft experiencing up to 5Gs. (Bonus).

The fun doesn’t stop there – once we are finished at height we head straight for the hard deck, absorbing the landscape rushing by at high speed.

The added bonus of time gives the rider the effect of being a TOP GUN PILOT FOR THE DAY – the sky is the limit!!

You have that special someone to surprise? Call Mark on toll free 1300 554 876

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