Top Gun Jet Mission Gold (30min Experience)

  • Top Gun Jet Mission Gold (30min Experience)

  • 7 June 2011 by 0 Comments

This Mission is Premium Value for the person that wants it all !!. First of all you can experience for yourself the adrenilin rush of a life time.

This mission starts with donning the flight suit and mission brief and of course the full familiarization tour of Jet Fighter Aircraft.

Once we kick the tyres and light the fire the fun begins. We bepart the airport for the Beach run along the coast at 500ft on return to the aerobatic zone !! for our action packed ride full of aerobatic maneuvers such as G Turns, Loops, Rolls, Cuban Eights, Hesitation Rolls, Bonus Inverted flight and Vertical Rolls at a height of approx 8000ft experiencing up to 5Gs.

The added bonus of inverted flight will give a negitive G effect.. the sky is the limit!!

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