Millionaire For The Day

Be a Millionaire for the day by purchasing a gift pack for that special person in your life, as this gift idea can make dreams come true by being a “TOP GUN” pilot for the day strapped into our L39 Jet Fighter. This package caters for partners wanting something special and unique. Be a Millionaire For The Day flying in our Jet Fighter followed by a helicopter transfer to one of our leading restaurants with a Lunch for 2. Jetride Australia Market Leaders in Jet fighter Operations Fly The L39 Albatros , Australia’s most modern flying Jet Fighter on the adventure market today.

Our helicopter is a brand new R44 Robinson fully air-conditioned for comfort. Jet fighter rides bases service the Sydney region. Call 1300 554 876 for more details.

“Millionaire Package” 20 minute Jet ride for 1 person, Helicopter transfer return max people “3″ from our jet base to one of our leading restaurants with a lunch voucher for $190.

Millionaire For The Day Package $3890

All Millionaire Flights have the Helicopter Transfer included in the Jet Fighter package to lunch.

The L39 Jet fighter is packed with advanced technology superior to any other adventure Jet Fighter. Our L39 Albatros is fully air-conditioned as well as pressurised for high altitude flight.

We specialise in dreams coming true for that special person wanting to experience the joy of flying in a Jet Fighter, not just as a passenger but as a crew member.

This flight is for the person that has done it all ……so they think ! !