Jet Fighter Rides Top Gun Style In Australia

  • Jet Fighter Rides Top Gun Style In Australia

  • 31 July 2011 by 0 Comments

Jet Fighter Rides in the Hunter Valley is a short 1.2 hour drive from the heart of Sydney, Fly with Australia’s only

 pilot certified to race the L39 Albatros on the International stage in the USA. Captain Mark Pracy who has made thousands of dreams come true in jet fighter world by making available the Top Gun Dream. Jetride Australia has a Guarantee that you will not pay for any delays,as this gift is expensive we can make this happen as we own the jet fighter and flight operation,  you are not talking to any middle man we are the owners.

The Hunter Valley has a favorable weather pattern and this can be the difference in riding in the jet compared to many other places.
Please Call Mark for any info on our Jet Fighter Ride Operation 1300 554 876

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